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[BKARTS] A better way to punch holes

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I was doing books with a stick binding with a class of elementary school
children this week and had to make a lot of holes pretty quickly.  I used a
leather punch type hole punch (the kind with the revolving head to make
various sizes of hole) that I'd gotten at a hardware store.  The punch didn't
make holes quickly or easily.  This left me with restless kids and a sore

It may be that I have a poor quality punch, but I think the problem is in the
design. I was using a ratchet type garden clipper for the sticks and it was
great.  It seems to me that somebody must have thought of using the same
technology to make a hand held hole punch work better. Does anyone know if I
am right?  And, if so, where I could get such a punch?


Sally Canzoneri

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