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[BKARTS] Looking for recommendations for a good book printer

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I am preparing a competitive bid for us to do the editing, layout, production,
and print supervision of a book that I estimate to make 176 pages, 8 1/2 x 11
trim, 4/c throughout (maybe 2/c), perfect bound, and ***a press run of

I haven't worked on books of this size with press runs over 15,000, and the
text pages were black only.

Can anyone *recommend* competent and qualified printers for book of this size
and magnitude?

I have already gotten the names of two foreign printers (one in Italy, one in
Canada). I am not sure whether there will be any buy-American restrictions on
the client or us (we are a state agency; they are a national agency, but I
think they are entirely private, but they will be using Federal dollars).

On the domestic front, I have the names of RR Donnely and M&G. Sheridan is
iffy; Bang can't do the 4/c part, and neither can Corley.

I'd appreciate any other names, *if you can speak from experience about their
quality, responsiveness, and delivery* (i.e., if they've done work for you).

Danke, beaucoup.

Adidas, amigos.

Michael Brady

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