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[BKARTS] New at Editions - From Ed Hutchins

           See The Exhibition Online, And Order Your Catalog.

At Editions we have made some major changes to our web
site and we hope that you will take a minute and check
it out.  The address is:


Most of the changes and additions have occurred in the
"Special Features" section.  Here you will find:

~~Books in the Classroom" where many photographs of
books made by teachers for use in the classroom are
shown.  My personal favorite is a mini-pop-up book
created by a social studies teacher called "The Faces
of Fascism in World War II."  There's a section of
photographs of books about the Civil War created by a
5th grade class in Chinatown.  There is also the class
syllabus for an intensive three-day workshop on making
books in a classroom setting that will be given at the
Brookfield Craft Center.  Please come!

~~"Exploring Tunnel Books" has photos of over 30
tunnel books by many artists.  There is the complete
text of the article about tunnel books that appeared
in the Winter 2002 issue of Artists' Books Reviews.
For those who are not familiar with this timely and
insightful publication this will serve as a quick
introduction.  Subscription information is also

~~The "Flexagon Funhouse" features a variety of these
multi-page structures, instructions and a
bibliography. When you click on a flexagon the image
changes to the next page.  It may take a minute to
load each page, but once you have done that, you can
click rapidly to experience the magic of these
innovative bookforms.

~~At "Visit a Mexican Book Cooperative" you are
transported to Chiapas, Mexico where a unique group of
artists is making paper from local materials and using
it to make imaginative books.  In this section you
will find some beautiful photos from the cooperative,
background on how they operate, and a review of some
of their major publications.  As George W. said
recently, "Que bueno."

There are many other sections and I hope you discover
something unexpected about the book arts.

Finally, for everyone who has commented that the
picture of me looked at least 10 years old (OK, so it
was), it has been replaced by a more recent photo.

Ed Hutchins

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