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Re: [BKARTS] weird messages

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you didn't send anything to the list.

In the first instance, somehow, something is messing with message headers
and appearing to come from the list.

In the second instance, that is a standard message which was generated to
listserv, but since the sender appeared to be the list was replied to, to
the list.

I personally have been getting error messages for messages not sent by me,
but by some spammer falsifying my domain. Not really sure what I can do
about it, personally. As far as this kind of thing and the list are
concerned, I have some protections in place (attachment filters, tedious
subscription process, only subscribers posting) which take care of 99% of
it, but spammers are also getting smarter. The only way I could stop it,
for now, would be to set the list option to moderated, i.e. I REVIEW AND
APPROVE EACH POSTING. I've done it before when things got a touch to hot,
but don't like to, mostly because it means a ton of work for me.

P***** me off as much as everyone else. Compared to numerous other lists
I'm on, we're doing VERY well though.

Not sure this helps.


>Peter - I have received today two very odd messages, one an apparent
>advertisement about low mortgage rates (but purporting to be from Book Arts),
>the other instructions on how to send messages to the Book Arts List. (the
>latter is appended to this email). I have not sent any messages to the list
>for a while, certainly not in the last several days. Any idea what is going
>on? Barbara Harman

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