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Re: [BKARTS] weird messages

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The problem is occurring  with probably everyone, everywhere, and is
difficult to trace and do much about. Keep your anti-virus software up to
date whatever you're using. Malicious attachments can't get through to you
via the list. At least that's what the filters in place claim. Of course
there were also unsinkable ships...


>I've been having the same problem - getting replies to messages I
>never sent, and getting strange messages from addresses that I know,
>from people who didn't send them to me.  Apparently this is some kind
>of virus going around.  As a Mac user I've been relatively immune
>from viruses until now.  I've asked my internet provider for advice
>and wonder if anyone out there has any.  If the problem now occurring
>for BookArts subscribers originates from my computer I deeply
>Letitia Berlin
>Albany, CA

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