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[BKARTS] Designer Bookbinders Lecture series 2002-03

 Stone Eye - An Exhibition of the Midwest Chapter, Guild of Book Workers
  For information about the exhibition, and to order your catalog, see

Designer Bookbinders Lecture series 2002-03

Designer Bookbinders Lectures 2002-03 will take place at The Art
Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC2 at 6.30 pm. Admission 4/2
for full time students. 20/10 for all six lectures. Tube: Holborn.

Email: lectures@designerbookbinders.org.uk

Tuesday October 1st
Sam Ellenport - Hand Bookbinding for the Carriage Trade: The
Economics of Desire using the Club Bindery as the major example.
The Club Bindery produced American bindings of exceptionally high
quality. A collection of bindings similar to those being discussed
and shown in this lecture will be on show in spring 2003 in an
exhibition at the Grolier Club.

Tuesday November 5th
Jeff Clements - Why Not? - 'Art is not a handicraft, it is the
transmission of feelings the artist has experienced.' Leo Tolstoy,
1812-1910 'What is Art?,' chapter 19.
Jeff Clements will be familiar to all of you.  In this lecture he
will be talking for a while, then showing slides of bindings,
paintings etc., not necessarily his own and probably some restoration
work. His argument will be concerned with the notion that there is
always more than one way of seeing something or of solving a problem,
for example whether objective or practical, or subjective and
therefore to some extent emotional or reactionary.

Monday December 2nd
Martyn Ould - Where the Spirit Leads: two books and a private press.
Martyn Ould describes the production of two books at his Old School
Press during 2002. One is an extended poem in Spanish with a parallel
translation and a collection of digitally processed photographs by
Philip Hughes; the other a more traditional text on the production of
one of Oxford University Press's finest letterpress books.

Tuesday January 7th
To be announced

Monday February 3rd
The Middleton Lecture
Alison Ohta - Mamluk Bindings.
Book production during the Mamluk sultanate 1260-1516 flourished with
both Damascus and Cairo serving as important centres. Numerous
examples have survived scattered in collections throughout the the
world providing a large corpus of dated or datable bindings, which
make it possible to trace developments in both the designs and
techniques that were used throughout the period.

Tuesday March 4th
Carmencho Arregui - See what I See.
Most of you will be familiar with the crossed-structure bindings
using minimum adhesive, which Carmencho devised in the early 1990s as
an attractive conservation solution to the problem of re-binding
early books. See The New Bookbinder - volume 14. Carmencho's ideas in
the field of conservation binding are continually evolving and this
lecture promises to be both interesting and challenging.

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