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[BKARTS] Not clear about getting an estimate from a book printer

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I just wrote to these lists that, after getting a lot of suggestions from you
all, I chose M&G but planned to send the specs to other printers, just for

That is not what I meant, but my earlier message certainly read that way.

I will ask M&G to give me an estimate for me to use *on speculation.* I will
tell M&G that I am submitting a complete proposal for design, production, and
printing, and I need a 'ballpark' quote for that purpose.

Later I will send out complete specs with final page counts, etc., to a proper
selection of printers, including from other countries. *If we get the project*
from on our proposal, I will select the printer from among those estimates
(which will be based on final, or perhaps penultimate, specs).

To put the record straight, I have worked with  M&G for more than 10 years and,
as with other printers, on the occasions when I need a 'ballpark' figure to
begin a long process of assembling a quotation, I tell them that. The printers
who have done this with me appreciate my candor and have never indicated that
it was a waste of their time. (Maybe they have a good telephone manner and
actually are annoyed by doing spec quotes, but that's not my take on it.)

Michael Brady

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