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[BKARTS] Painted Book Show

 Stone Eye - An Exhibition of the Midwest Chapter, Guild of Book Workers
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Spark Gallery, in Denver, is pleased to host “The Painted Book,” an
invitational gallery exhibit of contemporary painted page artist’s books
by Alicia Bailey, Melinda Canino and Laura Russell. Painted books are a
unique artistic medium, a crossover between the two disciplines of
painting and bookbinding. This show  is an exploration of books that
include abstract visual books, traditional and  non-traditional book
structures, and books combining painting and calligraphic mark-making.

Laura Russell is a Denver-based artist and bookbinder who paints
abstract paintings on large sheets of paper, randomly cuts the paper
into smaller pages and then binds them into artist books. Her books are
an exploration of paint, collage and abstract imagery that question
whether or not a book can be totally visual. Does a book need to have
words to be a book? What if a book had no words at all? Is it still a
book, or is it a painting or sculpture?

Alicia Bailey brings to her books a knowledge and technical skill made
possible from years of mixed-media studio work. In addition to
one-of-a-kind books and book-like objects Alicia publishes and
distributes limited edition books through her company Ravenpress. No
matter the scale or edition size, her books focus on the relationship of
content to structure. Her pieces emphasize many of the qualities
inherent in books such as image/text interplay, multiple layers of
meaning, viewer interaction and involvement of all the senses. Alicia’s
work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada and is
held in hundreds of private, public and university collections. She
lives part-time both in Denver and in Lake City, Colorado.

Melinda Canino is a Boulder-based artist who creates painted books and
works on canvas. Her books explore mark-making, symbol, and color,
through unusual book structures and the visual poetry of the brush. Her
work has been described as evocative, complex, and beautiful.

The show will run June 21 through July 7 with an opening reception on
June 21 from 7-10 p.m. Gallery Hours: Friday 4-10 p.m., Saturday 1-5
p.m., Sunday 1-5 p.m. Spark Gallery is located at 1535 Platte Street,

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