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[BKARTS] On-line exhibit: The Artist's Book, Unlimited Engagement

 Stone Eye - An Exhibition of the Midwest Chapter, Guild of Book Workers
  For information about the exhibition, and to order your catalog, see

This past year, the San Francisco Center for the Book offered a
30-week course on the artist's book. In part, the course asked: What
exactly is an artist's book and how has that definition evolved over
the past 100 years? How does a book's visual form, material
elaboration, and physical structure continue the writing and enrich
the interpretation of its "text?"

As part of the class, each participant did a long-term (6 month)
project. The exhibit at http://www.sfcb.org/ylab/ is the result.

You can also read more about the course here:

If you're in the SF Bay area, the exhibit continues at the book
center until June 20.

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