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Re: [BKARTS] Off List Replies and Bruce Levy Lay flat Binding

 Stone Eye - An Exhibition of the Midwest Chapter, Guild of Book Workers
  For information about the exhibition, and to order your catalog, see

Boardbook (as in the children's books)
Springback (as in the account books of old) - See a cutaway at

Some of these are more complex than others, the springback being the most
complex of the ones I just listed. Many of the Keith Smith patterns also
lay flat, but may be more complex. Bruce Levy's K-118 is a conservation
binding structure which can also be adapted to modern binding. It is very
much based on tradition hand binding techniques though, and does require an
understanding of materials and properties. Based on what I've read about
your (Ben Wiens) needs, I would guess that none of these are really
practical or feasible. You would be looking more at commercial processes.
Though not attractive, or always the most functional, how about the spiral?

In terms of the list it is set up by default to route replies back to the
list. This, however does not, nor should it, prevent people of
corresponding directly. I agree though that much is lost. In Newsgroups the
same can happen.

>Too bad the Book Arts List Server is not a regular
>newsgroup system. In this case people make a point of replying only to the
>newsgroup unless the reply is very personal. In a newsgroup you only
>download the messages that you want to see details of after reading the
>subject header. I learn a lot by quickly scanning through thousands of
>I personally would like to see the answers to most of questions raised on
>this list server. Is this not what others want? Don't get me wrong, I really
>appreciate when people reply to my questions on or off list, but I just also
>want to see the other answers too.

While I appreciate the sentiment here, it is a reality that much of the
literature exists in print publications, monographs and periodicals, and
not online. Even with abstracts it is often difficult to get a really good
sense of title, especially with some of the more esoteric/specialized
topics. These publications also send to be on the more expensive side. In
the case of the K-118 article it is an article of 18pp in a journal of
135pp filled with many other conservation related articles, and this is not
atypical for the genre. You might also consider trying inter-library loan
(ILL) to get the articles. Most academic libraries will do this, as might
publics. Much of ILL is becoming digitized now, so the article may be
delivered electronically. Point is, sometimes we have dig a little to find
things, and yes, sometimes they cost.

>There seems to be a trend on this list server to point someone in the
>direction of a publication to buy without mentioning any details of what is
>in them.
>Ben Wiens...applied energy scientist

Peter Verheyen

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