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[BKARTS] "Transvision" transparency sheets and inks?

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For a project I'm sketching out, I'm trying to identify the plastic
pages and inks used to print the transparent anatomical cut-away
charts used in, for instance, _Encyclopedia Britannica_. The plastic
is surprisingly supple and strong, has kept its transparency very
well, and yet is extremely thin.

The _Britannica_ pages from my 1960s edition have a small copyright
inscription reading "Transvision", but Google searches simply point
me to the New Wave band Transvision Vamp.

If I were guessing frmo the feel and texture, I'd think they were
Mylar -- but I'm not convinced Mylar was around in the mid 1960s. Any
advice would be welcomed.

Best regards,
Bill Tozier

"Nothing gives you more zest than running for your life."
   -- Robert A. Heinlein

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