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Re: [BKARTS] getting there

 Stone Eye - An Exhibition of the Midwest Chapter, Guild of Book Workers
  For information about the exhibition, and to order your catalog, see

Currently I get most of my information from books.  Keith Smith's Structure
of the Book, Shereen Plantz's books and every website I can get my hands on.
Plus of course this list.  Later this summer and next year I will be taking
classes at the Center for Book Arts in NYC as well as some course work at
School of Visual Arts and apprenticeships.  I'm planning to purchase a g4 and
archival printer to pursue some of my studies.  I figure that this is an
alternate route to getting a BFA (use money that would have paid for a BFA to
buy equipment and pay for courses and then apply for an MFA program when I'm
prepared enough to be ready more intensive training)  I have a few years of
art courses on the side under my belt and took a year off from my job as an
English teacher to go to art school for a year.  Now I am going back to my
job and hoping to get enough training part time to pursue my interests.   I
already have a BA and MA.  I'm thinking  that if I train in my interests
which include book arts, design, printmaking (with some side interest in
investigating moving books via electronics: video, stop motion animation)
that I may someday be able to teach on the college level, be able to pursue
my art and be a part of an artistic community full time.  This is the long
term goal I envision.  I was wondering if I could get feedback or advice from
anyone on this plan.



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