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Re: [BKARTS] Lay flat Binding-grammar police

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> You see the Word Division Division was sued by the Word Department
 > for overstepping its mandate

Never having been on a man date, myself, I don't know anything about
being sued for overstepping anything.

> when it went after the bookbinders,
> or the book workers, or was that the book binders, for misuse of the term
 > foredge, or fore edge, or, ah, something. I mean some thing.

You're playing with us, right? You're foredging in the underbrush of sly
meanings, looking for a mandate, maybe?

> (I enjoyed your title.  I think those hoisted by petards deserve
> protection, having injured only themselves.
> I hope you do not do any work for suicide bombers, though!

If I do, which I don't expect, I hope it won't be while they're fiddling
with their own petards.


Michael Brady

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