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[BKARTS] artists books/places to sell them

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i am a returning lurker....was on the list in the past...got out...and
now i am back...hello everyone.i have a couple of questions regarding
artists books.  i was hoping some of you out there may have some
advice!  i am new to book arts, and i am an artist first, so i am
lacking in some perspective and marketing information...
1. i have done a bit of searching for artists books and found that most
books that are coined with the phrase "artists books" are either very
creative pieces of (book) "art"...where the author has made the book
itself a piece of creativity; a hand printed book....where the creator
has actually gone and printed the book on a letterpress, silkscreened,
etc..and hand bound it; or the misc. category, where there are xeroxed
books, books hand printed with wood cuts....etc. most of the larger
websites advertising artists books are selling books in the 2nd
category--books that were printed on older presses by small independent
print shops or individuals.
i just went out on a limb and printed 100 copies of a 48-page full color
book of collage art of mine (Can i call this a limited edition? ). i
printed it on the nearest and easiest machine available to me, the canon
laser copier. this monster of a machine printed and collated and i
hand-stitched and folded each copy. Is there a market for this type of
book? Most places are selling books printed on antique presses and i
don't think my book is exactly in this kind of category, although it may
not matter? Can i call this an artists book? Is there a place where i
can find a list of booksellers that may be interested in this type of
item? i am thinking i can send them a sample copy and see if they want
more since i live in the rural adirondacks of upstate New York and
markets don't readily exist up here. Is it a standard practice to send
samples to sellers? i have other books that i have done or am completing
and before i go and print these the same way, i need to find the right
place to sell them. if they will not sell because of the printing...then
i need to modify what i am doing!

2. i have seen websites that offer printing on demand. they have package
deals revolving around black and white text mostly. picture options
drive the prices on this type of book up drastically. unfortunately for
me, my books are collage and the words are in the pictures, thereby
making this type of on-demand printing very pricey! does anyone know of
this type of printer that may be sensitive to an artists needs in this
regard? printing a book of just text seems a simple matter, but when you
are looking at a 100-page  collage story--or dare i say a collection of
them, it becomes a VERY expensive book! (hence my canon laser

thank you one and all for any advice you may have for me!!
i hope i don't offend folks with my lack of punctuation...maybe i can
throw in a pun now and then to appease you!

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