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Re: [BKARTS] Lay flat Binding-grammar police

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> I trust that many here will join me in condemning anti-semanticism.

In deed, as well as in thought!

 > And Michael was clearly in error when he wrote (though maybe it was a
>>You're foredging in the underbrush of sly meanings
> Since he was responding to Dorothy's post, I expect he meant the "underbush,"
> and was referring to

Hmmm. What could that be referring to?

> But to get to the substance of the matter, all this talk of lay flat or lie flat
> or stay flat has been about adhesives and structures. What about the paper? I
> just did an adhesive binding that stays open all by itself, and has a flat rigid
> spine. The paper is thin and the grain runs parallel to the spine. No motion
> (concaving) of the spine is necessary for it to stay open to a spread.

What is the opinion of listmembers on OTA binding for paper-covered
books?  Good? Bad? Not strong enough? Breaks at folds? Doesn't keep the
book as flat as it says it will? The greatest thing since the letterpress?


Michael Brady

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