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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - Colorado Courses

Hello all, (lurker here, coming out from my hiding)

I wanted to add on to Beth's e-mail. The url for the American Academy of
Bookbinding is http://www.ahhaa.org/AAB.html. There you'll find further
links to pages detailing their program and courses offered.

Also, I have a request from my sister-in-law to bind a scrapbook for her.
I'm sure that this is not a new topic to this list (and I will certainly run
a search through the list archives, as well). I am looking for suggestions
on the type of paper to use for a scrapbook. I've visited several online
shops that mention Somerset Book Cover, as working well for photo album
pages. Does anyone else have any other suggestions, and where to purchase,
either locally or online.


Angelique Sipos
Colorado Springs, CO

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Hi, everyone.  I'm Beth, heading into the University
of Texas book conservation program in the fall. This
list has been a useful introduction to book arts
issues.  Thank you.

Martha, there is a bookarts program in Telluride,
associated with the AHHAA School.  It is called the
American Academy of Bookbinding.  Contact info:  (970)
728-3886, P.O. Box 1590, Telluride, CO  81435.  There
are two more programs this summer: Beginning French
Style, June 25-July 5; Case Bindings, July 8-12.  They
have a website, but it is not listed in their
brochure, for some reason.  It might be ahhaa.org.
Also, there are book arts programs at the Anderson
Ranch, in Snowmass, every summer.  I don't have their
information with me, though.  I'm sure you could find
it on the web.  I've never been able to afford either
of these places, but they look great!  Maybe after I
graduate.  Good luck!

Beth Heller
Austin, TX
"Every Day Is A Parade"

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