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[BKARTS] separating copper covered endsheets

I am repairing a small volume  5x7"x3/8".  "The Greatest Thing in the
World" by Henry
Drummond.  Published by New York: Dodge Publishing company, 33d St.
Eighth Avenue 34th St.  No date.  Appears to be late 19th/early 20th
century.  The cover is simply a piece of over-size leather adhered to
the spine and pastedowns.  There is no stiffening of any kind.  The odd
feature about this book is that the endsheets appear to have a coating
of elemental copper on one side.  The pastedown has a dark
green/turquoisy look, while the flyleaf is still coppery colored.  I
have photos up on my web site   www.bindersguild.org   Scroll down to
Links   Click on "Links"  and choose the Copper problem.  One of the
photos is magnified.  The problem is this:  The remaining pastedown and
flyleaf have been adhered together at the gutter by someone's previous
attempt to repair the book.  I need to separate these two, in order that
I can resew the book.  (The flyleaf, frontispiece, and t.p. and last
page of text have levered off the textblock and need to be reattached.)
Any ideas on how to separate the pastedown from the flyleaf without
staining the leather cover?  And what can anyone tell me about copper
covered endpapers?  I hadn't seen anything like this before.

Susan Lunas
S. Lunas, Proprietor: Many Moons Book Conservation
    Book Conservation and Bookbinding by Hand
Editor: Binders' Guild Newsletter
NEW (October 2001) email address: bookbinder@rgisp.com

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