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Re: [BKARTS] Is fairy dust required in making adhesive lay-flat bindings?

>>Now I am wondering if I need to say a certain kind of prayer before
making each book, or perhaps bookbinders are not telling me that I
have to sprinkle fairy dust on each and every  binding I make.<<

No guarantees, but I have posted (since Ben was good enough to
read my article so quickly, I thought I would try to be equally
responsive)  my method for fan-gluing on my website at
http://www.temperproductions.com/fanglue.htm.  I hope this helps.  I
can only say that I have not had the problems Ben has had.

However, I do wonder about the validity of the whip test Ben mentions
as a means of testing a book.  Anything can be destroyed if it is
subjected to trials beyond its normal use. This test, as I visualize it,
does not seem to correlate to any manner in which an actual book is

                                                        Pete Jermann

Pete Jermann
TeMPeR Productions
117 South 14th St.
Olean, NY 14760
Tel. 716-373-9450
Email: pete@temperproductions.com

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