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Re: [BKARTS] fairy dust & adhesive bound books

> Pete Jermann and I and lots of other people have been making durable books for
> many years. Indeed, more than ninety percent of the hard cover books produced
> today and virtually all of the soft cover books are adhesive bound. Since you
> are having more problems than other binderies, perhaps we should look at your
> methods.
> Commercial binderies sometimes do mill and notch the spines of books for
> several reasons

I have one of these notched paper books on my desk right now, a $50.00
Illustrator 9 Wow! book by Peachpit Press.  Best of the Illustrator
textbooks in my opinion but as soon as I opened it a page fell out.  Didn't
even have the decency to wait a year.  The other pages are hanging on
precariously.  I hate adhesive bound books.  They are (one of) the banes of
my existence.  I wouldn't mind if it weren't such an expensive book, which
is to say nothing of the fact that, being a manual, it is constantly being
referred to and used.  I am thinking of taking it to Kinko's to have it
spiral bound but this just pi**es me off even more (to spend even more money
just to keep it together).  There are lots more on my shelves just like

Just because everybody does it doesn't mean it's a great idea.  It's just
cheaper for the bindery which is a lousy deal for the customer.  Another
example of the rapidly declining nature of cheap American consumer products,
but don't get me started.

A (very) disappointed book lover,

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