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[BKARTS] The fire next time

Readers of the book_arts-L, ExLibris, and/or SHARP electronic bulletin
boards may have got wind of the following:

>CAVALIER DAILY - June 20, 2002 - Hospital, library incur storm damage
>A thunderstorm caused $16,700 worth of damage to two University buildings
>Tuesday night...
>         Alderman library also suffered leakage from several holes cut by
> the construction crew working on the Albert and Shirley Small Special
> Collections Library.
>         However, according to University spokeswoman Louise Dudley, the
> contractors will be paying for these damages. The construction crew "had
> cut some openings into the library related to special collections, and
> they hadn't completely sealed them off," Dudley said. "As I understand
> it, the contractor will be responsible for covering cleanup and repairs
> in the library."
>         The valuable manuscripts in the special collections section of
> Alderman were not harmed, though some books in other parts of Alderman
> library were dampened. Available in today's paper or online at
>         http://www.cavalierdaily.com/CVArticle.asp?Date=June+20+200
> 2&ID=12435
>DAILY PROGRESS - June 20, 2002 - Storm stirs up trouble around Central Va.
>...The basement of Alderman Library flooded through holes drilled by
>construction workers that connect Alderman to the construction site for
>the new special collections library. The flood at Alderman was reported
>around 11:30pm by a library staff member who noticed his feet were wet,
>said Melissa Cox Norris, spokeswoman for the library. "It was absolutely
>the quick thinking and action [of the staff member] that saved a lot of
>stuff," Norris said. Otherwise, the flood likely would not have been
>discovered until the cleaning crew came into the library at 5am she added.
>         "Damage to books was very minimal," Norris said... Available in
>today's paper or e-mail mln4n@virginia.edu for a copy.

When the waters went down early Wednesday am, there was a quarter of an
inch of mud on the floors of the Rare Book School offices, adjoining
hallways, Classroom, Pressroom, and Warren. The Studio wasn't hit, and --
our greatest piece of good luck -- the water in the hallways stopped just
short of the front of the Old Stacks Elevator, so no water went into the
basement storage area.
         Upstairs on 1, we've been on our hands and knees ever since,
cleaning. The brand-new wall-to-wall Classroom rug was torn out and
discarded this morning (necessitating the prior removal of the south wall
bookcases: what fun). The new staff lounge carpet met the same fate.
Everything within three inches of the floor in four of the five RBS rooms
has had to be washed, and rewashed, including all of our computer and
electrical cabling; Virginia mud is in fact clay.
         We've been flooded before, and we're pretty good about not leaving
boxes or electrical equipment on the floor. The upshot: a great nuisance,
but almost no significant damage, and none to our collections.

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