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[BKARTS] Food Grade Gelatin?

Hello everyone,

Someone mentioned to me that Food Grade Gelatin is a much better quality
gelatin than hide glue.  I would love to hear comments and insight that
anyone might have regarding substituting food grade instead of hide-

Does it have comparable tack?
too fussy to prepare?
works great, just more expensive?
too brittle and needs added glycerine for flexibility?
Can it be used in a glue machine?  or does it go bad or break down too
need to add fungicides?

I had heard that an 8% solution would work for lining a spine, BUT
perhaps 8% might line a spine with Japanese paper, but won't get covering
material stuck to binder's board?

Jake Benson

Benson's Hand Bindery
Fine Custom Bookbinding & Conservation
Hand Marbled Papers
1319 B Summerville Ave.
Columbia S.C. 29201
Phone: 803.799.1853

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