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Re: [BKARTS] Food Grade Gelatin?

Jake, I use food grade gelatine, bought in bulk and love it. Get it from
healthfood stores.

That depends on thickness to an extent, but yes it does.

>Does it have comparable tack?

I make it up by covering the crystals with cold water, and then letting it
absorb the water. Then add a little more to cover, and let that absorb. You
can do this in the glue pot. Then warm up the pot.

>too fussy to prepare?

Not if you buy in bulk.

>works great, just more expensive?

Not if you don't put it on too thickly. For boxes can also be sanded...

>too brittle and needs added glycerine for flexibility?

Only if the tray and rollers are heated.

>Can it be used in a glue machine?  or does it go bad or break down too

You might want to work with smaller quantities that you can use in a day or
so where you are. During the winter when it's temperate in my 3rd floor
studio it'll keep fine, during the summer when it gets warm there can be
problems. Making up is real easy though. No experience with fungicides.

>need to add fungicides?

I do it by feel. All you really want is a thin layer. Not sure what you
mean by material getting stuck to binder's board.

>I had heard that an 8% solution would work for lining a spine, BUT
>perhaps 8% might line a spine with Japanese paper, but won't get covering
>material stuck to binder's board?
>Jake Benson


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