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[BKARTS] Hanmer/Polli/Hanmer July Exhibition BEAUT.E (CODE): Decoding the art of computer programming

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am involved in a three person collaborative art exhibition in Chicago
this July.

The show is up July 5-27, with an opening reception Friday, July 12.

I will be gallery sitting Saturday July 6 and Saturday, July 27, 11 am -
5 pm.

I hope some of you are able see the show.

Details follow.

Kind regards,



Decoding the art of computer programming


Artemisia Gallery
700 North Carpenter
Chicago, IL  60622
312 226-7323
312 226-7756 fax

Dates: July 5-27, 2002
Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 2002, 5 pm ? 8 pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 am ? 5 pm

This exhibition, the result of a collaboration between book and
installation artist Karen Hanmer, digital media artist Andrea Polli, and
software systems architect Robert Hanmer  asks and attempts to find
answers to the question: What are aesthetic values in contemporary
computer programming and how they are similar to (or different from)
aesthetic values in art?

The exhibition is the result of two years of research including: the
study of the most influential authors on the art of computer programming
(Donald Knuth, Christopher Alexander,  Brian Kernighan and Jon Bentley,
for example), group interviews at computer programming conferences, and
written questionnaires completed by computer professionals. Karen Hanmer
instigated this project out of a desire to find a point of entry into
her husband Robert Hanmer's world of programming, and to find a way to
convey the aesthetic nature of coding to other non-technical people.
Robert's interest in the project came not only from a desire to
communicate the beauty of programming, but also to illustrate 'good'
coding practice and structures versus 'bad' coding to programmers,
non-programmers, and programmers of the future. Andrea Polli was
naturally drawn to this project because at a young age, her computer
scientist father conveyed to her the beauty and elegance of mathematical
proofs, a kind of conceptual beauty she strives for in her own work.

The exhibition includes quotes from the interviews, representations of
artifacts from the history of programming, and illustrations of
programming structures and processes in print and interactive format.


Karen Hanmer

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