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[BKARTS] The Chosen Bookish Quote

Original Message:
Maybe I missed it but I don't recall John Cutrone of Red Wagon Bookworks
tellling us which quote he finally chose for his letterpress broadside. My
apologies if I missed it but I'm still curious, John.



Ahhh, yes, the Bookish Quote. No, Ken, you did not miss it. Some projects
are blessed, and then there are those that fight you tooth and nail. This
one's been a fighter. To refresh the memories of those who are interested,
in April we put out a request to both the Book Arts List and the
Letterpress List for bookish quotes, as we were trying to put together a
nice broadside to mark the occasion of a visit by the Fontaneda Society (a
South Florida bibliophile group) to our press in Lake Worth, Florida.

Well, we chose a quote, but did not announce it so as not to jinx the
project (so much for that idea!) Seth carved a linoleum cut, I set type,
and the Fontaneda Society came and went. Each member printed a souvenir
broadside on our Vandercook, but it was a broadside-in-progress, as we were
not yet satisfied with some design aspects. Then we experienced some
"technical difficulties" with crumbling linoleum and had to have a plate
made from our best print. Still more design issues came into play. And
we're still working at this one, but, hopefully, will have a finished
broadside available by early July. You all will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no point in keeping the chosen quote under
wraps at this point. I doubt we can jinx ourselves much worse than we've
managed so far. The chosen quote was delivered by...

        Kay Moller
        of the University of Colorado at Boulder

It's a quote by Groucho Marx: "I find television very educational. Every
time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."

A hearty thanks to all who supplied bookish quotes. They were all very much
appreciated. Kay's was exactly what we were looking for: something, well...
silly. Kay will receive a few broadsides for supplying the quote we used,
when we're done printing them, of course. We'll post the finished broadside
to our webpage as soon as the edition is complete, and we'll have them
available for sale as well. I'll post a message when everything's done.

John, for both John Cutrone and Seth Thompson
Red Wagon Bookworks

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