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Re: [BKARTS] Woven and Interlocking Books Structures

Just received my copies of this book, and have to say it's a must have for
any bookbinder/book artist who admires the work of Claire Van Vliet, and
the other presses in the book.

The diagrams are designed for making 4x5" models and very clear.

A very good deal at any price/


>Claire Van Vliet and Elizabeth Steiner have just published a new book
>entitled Woven and Interlocking Books Structures. It includes complete
>step-by-step directions for making 4 x 5 inch models of 15 different book
>structures from the Janus, Steiner and Gefn Presses. The book is 144 pages,
>7 x 10 inches, and sewn with a paper cover. It is available for $35
>(includes shipping) from Janus/Gefn Unlimited, 101 Schoolhouse Road,
>Newark, VT 05871.

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Peter D. Verheyen

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