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[BKARTS] Advice concerning Nylon Gossamer

Greetings to the List.

We have acquired a few rolls of Nylon Gossamer from a collection of a
retired conservator.

We should like to consider using it to strengthen weak paper.  For
instance, at present, we are working on an early C19th folio French
Atlas.  There is considerable water damage, mould and tidal staining to
the bottom half of most leaves.  The paper is rag or cotton, (we are not
sure which).  The weight of the paper is heavy, as is usual with the old
Atlases.  However, due to this water damage, the paper has lost much of
its strength, and needs laminating to remain firm.  Normally, we use
fine Japanese paper to strengthen such areas.

However, we should like to consider the use of this Nylon Gossamer.

Our question is this:  What is the appropriate adhesive, or blend of
adhesives, to use with Nylon Gossamer?

We would be happy to receive the benefit of your experience!

Peter Krantz

Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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