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[BKARTS] Misc recent topics

Dear List Friends,

I have to say I'm glad I am not an engineer.  Fairy dust tests are
mind-boggling and leave me wondering what all the fuss is about.  (I realize
one does not want one's book to fall apart, but there's a limit!)

Moving on to a different topic:
Many, many thanks to the person whose posting to the list said "Run, don't
walk, to the Circle Press Exhibition" at Yale or words to that effect.  I
just returned from New Haven where I was lucky enough to hear both the John
Christie and the Cathy Courtney talks.  The show was just phenomenal!  There
is so much richness in the work itself; and the added treasure of the
archival drawings, tools and models make the show a true must see.  I spent
two afternoons taking in the exhibit, and had the good fortune to be an
eavesdropper while Ron King talked about "Tabernacle" to visiting friends.
The exhibit runs through early September.

Thanks too, list, for the suggestion we take a peek at the update on the Tom
Phillips site and for the PBI / Haystack photos.

And finally, I may have missed it, but I have not seen the announcement on
the list for The Center for Book Arts 2002 Artist Members Show. I really
enjoyed seeing the show and the range of work represented. The show is open
M-F 10 am - 6pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm through the middle of August.
Address:  The Center for Book Arts, 28 West 27th St., 3rd floor, New York,
New York 10001; 212-481-0295.


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