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[BKARTS] Gold leaf doubling help?

I'm in the early days (and struggles) of learning gold leaf tooling. I
did some work with my teacher a few months back, then got involved with
something else.

Now i'm trying to do some lettering on labels, and my teacher is country
out of the country for a while. I'm really struggling with remembering
how to double the gold leaves (using Swift 23K): i'm laying one leaf on
the pillow, then attempting to slide the second leaf over it. Then I'm
lightly cross-hatching with my gold knife, diagonally in one direction,
than the other.

Any tricks that might help? Any illustrated instructions anywhere?

thanks in advance,

       Gary Hillerson
    Hillysun Enterprises
      <http://www.hillysun.com/> www.hillysun.com

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