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[BKARTS] LA in July

> Did you get any good answers? (I may be going down
to LA, too)
> BTW, it's not dinosaurs in the tarpits, it's
"pre-historic" mammals. Same time period as human
habitation in North America. Mastodons, smilodons,
> Susan Fatemi
> susanf@peer.berkeley.edu

Yes, the good people of southern California have
offered up some interesting activities:
- An exciting William Morris exhibit at the Huntington
Library in San Marino (near Pasadena)
- An exhibition of illuminated manuscripts at the J
Paul Getty Center
- A traveling show (that goes up after I leave)
opening July 15th at the University Research Library
at UCLA. Curated by Gloria Helfgott, it's called
SoCALled Books with about 40 artists from Southern
- And there's always Judith Hoffberg's site at
http://www.colophon.com for a calendar of events in
the area.

Thanks for the tarpits info too.

Rhode Island


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