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[BKARTS] Guile and other circumlocutions

Guile, indeed.  Alas, I allowed my membership in GBW to lapse some
years ago when the annual graft went from $25 to $40. I didn't mind
supporting the organization at $25 although all I received for that
amount was a quarterly newsletter (the 'annual' journal was some
three-four years behind at the time), so I have not had an opportunity
to read Newsletter #138.

>As the current President of the Guild of Book Workers, I would like to
>respond to the various comment and questions recently raised on the
>Book_List-L by both Bruce Levy and Jack Thompson about the GBW Standards
>Seminar videos.


>Finding qualified people to edit them at a reasonable price has been
>difficult but progress is being made.

Hmmnn.  I never charged for editing; I owned the equipment and considered
the time spent as a contribution to the field.


>Jack mentions that someone named Betsy Palmer Eldridge once insisted that
>they not be edited.  If so, she was only expressing her opinion as a

If I'm not mistaken, that person was also, at the time, a member of the
board of directors of GBW.


>Jack has mentioned that the agreement of his Istor Productions company with
>GBW was that he would pay GBW $5.00 for each video sold.  The current GBW
>Treasurer does not remember receiving any money from him ....


Did the treasurer receive $15 from Betsy for the 3 videotapes she purchased
from Istor Productions earlier this year, after she called to inquire about
the arrangement between Istor Productions and GBW (well after she wrote
about Standards Seminar videotapes in issue #138)?

Some of my financial records are in storage, but what is not in storage
reveals to me that GBW has received something on the order of $1085 from
Istor Productions through the end of 1994.

I stopped advertising the availability of the tapes in the GBW Newsletter
at about the same time.  They are shown on my webpage as a service to the
field and a few have been sold since 1994.

However, from 1995 on I have made any further royalty payments contingent
on an explanation of Monique's action; my requests were made to succeeding
presidents of the board of directors of GBW.


>While we at GBW are happy to try to answer these questions, they seem to be
>organizational matters that would be more appropriately addressed to the GBW
>list or to members of the GBW Executive Committee directly....

That is what I used to think; see above.


>The current Executive Committee is busy, working on a forward looking
>agenda, >and has little time or patience to resurrect these problems from
>the past.

"I see."  He said, with a quiet smile.


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"The lyfe so short; the craft so long to lerne."
Chaucer  _Parlement of Foules_ 1386

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