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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Wallpaper


> Hi, all. I am trying to decide whether to have my
> brother mail a strip of Charles Burchfield wallpaper
> from his dry climate, fire-threatened Colorado
> mountain home to my flood, humidity and
> insect-threatened home in Texas.  It is currently
> stored in a mailing tube (I know - bad,bad,bad).  Any
> suggestions on where it is best kept,and how to keep
> it?

Put it in a completely sealed metal container and bury it 5 feet in the
ground! Store it in a bank vault, or for that matter, in any fire-safe
(not merely fire-retardant) container or building.

The chance of its being threatened *twice* by disaster is incredibly
small, but not zero. The FedEx plane could crash (ask Tom Hanks about
that!). The delivery truck could drive off a bridge! Play the odds! Let
him secure it with the fewest unpredictable variables.

(Is the mailing tube cardboard or plastic? The cardboard probably is
acidic, as cheap paper is (or used to be). Get it out of the cardboard,
if it's in there. If it's a plastic tube, that probably is good, until
ambient heat melts the tube even if it's not hot enough or close enough
to ignite the paper. What the hey, get a metal or aluminum tube with
metal caps if you value the paper that highly.

Michael Brady

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