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[BKARTS] Not to be missed at the Getty Museum, LA-

May I recommend that if you visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles you try to
get a look at the Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta, or Model Book of Calligraphy,
a 16th Century Manuscript?

It was inscribed in 1561 by Georg Bocsay for Emperor Ferdinand Hapsburg I in
gold and silver inks, then thirty years later illuminated by Joris Hoefnagel
for Ferdinand's grandson, Rudolf II.

Each page of the Bocsay calligraphy is exquisitely rendered and designed, and
every inscription is matched with Hoefnagel's meticulously rendered flora and
fauna, snails and insects, lobsters and frogs, flowers and fruit with cast
shadows--much like Dutch still life paintings.

When I last visited the museum in 2000, I found the their collection less
than exciting, but this illuminated masterpiece was unforgettable. Due to its
fragility they show only a spread at a time, but you may purchase the boxed
reproduction published by the Getty (approximately $200).

Perhaps with advance request the museum would allow visitors a special

Alice Simpson
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