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Re: [BKARTS] leather storage

Betty Storz wrote:
> It has been my understanding that leather (and other products produced from
> animal fibers, such as wool and silk fabrics) are naturally acidic and
> don't need acid free storage.  Ordinary, acidic, Kraft wrapping paper can
> be used for storing these materials.

My very modest area of expertise is textiles and
"regular" library materials (not rare books or materials
with real problems) and only peripherally leather.

While it is true that animal protein fibers and leather
are slightly acidic, you don't want to store them in
ordinary paper (or certain plastics) which may harm or
at least discolor the textile/leather as it slowly consumes itself.

For my own materials and that of our library, I just don't
want to take the risk!

> My question is: Is using acid-free material for storage just unnecessary,
> or will the calcium buffering in "archival" storage material damage the
> leather or fabric?

There are 2 kinds. Gaylord's catalogue (see Gaylord.com)
for example, has non-buffered acid-free material for
proteinaceous materials and buffered (more alkaline)
materials for cellulosic materials.
  The also have some basic "preservation" pamphlets
free to download from their site. They're a little
hard to find, they're listed under "Archival Product Assistance."
One is on basic book repair. I believe the National Park service
(nps.gov?) has free information on preservation on their website.

I hope this isn't too far off topic, but whether it's book materials
or costumes, proper storage means our materials will still be in
good shape when we go to use them.



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