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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 28 Jun 2002 to 29 Jun 2002 (#2002-178)


Perhaps you have had a reply to your query off-list?  However, you may like to
look in the archives round 20-22 Jan 2002 for some comment on edge gilding.
There have been some other messages at earlier dates.

I have looked through my notes from John Mitchell's course on gilding here in
the UK and also in his excellent, very detailed book with drawings and
photographs, "An Introduction to Gold Finishing", The Standing Press, 1995,
which was available in hardback and softback.

I am not sure why you would want to try and place two leaves on top of one
another on the gold pad - it is awkward enough putting one down and ensuring it
is unwrinkled, etc.  The easier method is to lay the first leaf on the leather
(or book edge for that matter) and then if it appears necessary to put another
layer to breathe gently on the first layer and immediately lay a further leaf
on top, then complete the tooling.  This is more likely with single gold as the
leaf may easily split or have slight breaks.

It is possible to get double gold leaf i.e. thicker than single gold, which
should give a good finish without having necessarily to add another layer.

Rodney Fry
Berks, UK

>  Date:    Sat, 29 Jun 2002 20:22:40 -0700
>  From:    Gary Hillerson <garyh@HILLYSUN.COM>
>  Subject: Gold leaf doubling help?
>  I'm in the early days (and struggles) of learning gold leaf tooling. I
>  did some work with my teacher a few months back, then got involved with
>  something else.
>  Now i'm trying to do some lettering on labels, and my teacher is country
>  out of the country for a while. I'm really struggling with remembering
>  how to double the gold leaves (using Swift 23K): i'm laying one leaf on
>  the pillow, then attempting to slide the second leaf over it. Then I'm
>  lightly cross-hatching with my gold knife, diagonally in one direction,
>  than the other.
>  Any tricks that might help? Any illustrated instructions anywhere?
>  thanks in advance,
>       gary
>  _____________________
>         Gary Hillerson
>      Hillysun Enterprises
>        <http://www.hillysun.com/> www.hillysun.com
>  _____________________

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