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Re: [BKARTS] Paste and mo(u)ld

I keep small amounts of PVA in margarine tubs and cottage cheese tubs, and
have often worked on the kitchen table. My wife's dad lives with us, and one
day our hired woman decided we should integrate (he has his own kitchen) and
had him sitting down for dinner amoung my bookbinding mess. Dad, who loves
cottage cheese, decided to help himself to some. He opened the container
marked "cottage cheese" and had a spoonful. Then had another spoonful, and
another. The hired woman proceded to get into a panic and run around the
house shouting "He's been poisoned!" In order to defuse the situation, I
asked him how it tasted, and didn't he notice a funny taste? He said
affirmative, but wondered if it was some fancy gourmet cottage cheese. I
stuck MY finger in the PVA and tasted it myself. Dad and I had a bit of a
laugh over it as I spit and washed my mouth out. Then I snuck into the next
room to call Poison Control to find out what to do about it. The answer was
"give him a glass of water. The only thing it'll do is maybe bind him up."
There was apparently nothing in the PVA that would do any damage, the poison
control people even laughed a bit when I told them how it happened. The hired
woman, by the way, doesn't work for us any more.
       There is no point to this other than it is a somewhat humorous story.
ALWAYS call poison control.


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