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Re: [BKARTS] Protecting papel amate

I've found that any grade or type of Amate will never be good on the folds.
The way it is made - long strips of boiled fiber (whether it's
chichiwastle, jonote or whatever... the real Amate trees were stripped ages
ago) is never prepared to be short like handmade papers we know. So when it
dries it cracks. I'd use the Amate for a front and back panel, but not for
a foredge fold or spine.

Patrice Baldwin

At 06:18 PM 07/07/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>        I found that the amate I bought from Daniel Smith Art Supply in
>was so brittle that even when I coated it with matte acrylic that the folds
>were not going to be able to stand up to long term usage.

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