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Re: [BKARTS] Protecting papel amate

on 7/7/02 8:18 PM, Kathy Crump at kcrump2paper@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:

> I found that the amate I bought from Daniel Smith Art Supply in Washington
> was so brittle that even when I coated it with matte acrylic that the folds
> were not going to be able to stand up to long term usage.

Thanks to all who replied on this.

I find that amate holds up very well even as a hinge when backed with fabric
or tough paper and *well-coated* with acrylic on both sides. I use one thin
coat as a sealer that penetrates the fibers thoroughly, then two un-thinned

I'm concerned about the archival properties of the acrylic. How long will it

On considering the brittleness, it occurs to me that where you all are
(mostly, I think) the humidity is much lower. Here (Cancun) it's around
100%. Nonetheless, my daughter has an amate-bound book of mine in Marin
County and it is in perfect shape after five years.

This is by no means a library binding, however, but a collector's book
designed to be handled with great respect. I wouldn't think of using amate
for a book that's going to get a lot of public handling.

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