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[BKARTS] bookbinding classes in Dallas

A summer windfall has found The Craft Guild of Dallas Bookbinding Program.
Bookbinder & conservator, Sally Key, returns to The Guild in a big way this
summer, covering for the Advanced Bookbinding, (#420-02) and Exploring Book
Structures (# 419-02 9:30am & #421-02 1pm) classes through August and
introducing her own class on book repair and restoration, along with
intermediate binding topics in July.

Ms Key comes to The Guild Bookbinding Program with 13 years of teaching
experience, including four years as the bookbinding instructor for the
North Bennet Street School - the country's only two year comprehensive
curriculum covering all areas of binding, book repair, restoration &
conservation. Her training includes a six-year apprenticeship at the
University of Iowa Center for the Book, a yearlong internship on medieval &
renaissance book conservation in England, and three years at Bridwell
Library (SMU) as their rare books conservator.

Past into Present - Wednesday August 7 - August 21, 6-9pm (3 classes)
$89/$114 non-member

We're going to mix things up in this class by dragging the past into the
present. Old school with a twist as we tailor historical sewing structures
to modern aesthetics and needs. We'll be using the Coptic, long stitch, &
Chinese butterfly to create 3-6 elegant and fun bindings. Basic binding
experience required, but all these structures will be demonstrated. Basic
tools are required, and any smallish text blocks you'd like to bind. Odds &
ends of any kind of materials.

Kwik Printing & Titling - Wednesday, August 28, (1 class) $42/$67 non-member

Sooner or later we all have to make a label. This class is designed to take
some of the guesswork out and show the novice how to set and print the
perfect title. We'll cover basic title design, typography, multi-line set
up, and how to use the Kwik Print with a jig for dependable results. Have a
few titles in mind.

Book Restoration on Saturdays

Sooner or later, every bookbinder considers the question of book repair and
restoration. This series of 8 workshops (with more to come), will introduce
the aspiring book doctor to the basic procedures, materials and techniques
used to stabilize and revitalize abused bindings. Techniques taught will be
drawn from sound conservation practice adapted for book repair &
restoration. Instruction will include group discussions, demonstrations &
individual guided bench work.

This series of workshops is intended to act as a progression of knowledge
and skills in solving book repair and restoration problems. Although the
students' learning might be best served by adhering to this progression of
classes, students should feel free to pick and choose those classes
particular to their interests. There are a couple of requirements, however.
Restoration One is required. and Restoration Five is required for any
further classes. Exceptions may be made with the instructor's permission.
Participants are asked to provide several candidates for class from which
we'll select for practice. Please, nothing "precious" to start.
Intermediate bookbinding experience is required. In addition to basic
bookbinding tools, the student will need a scalpel, micro spatula (these
will be ordered for students to buy), lifting knives, & a paring knife
(these will be discussed and ordered when class starts). Additional tools
basic to our work will be discussed in our first class.

Restoration 1 - Evaluating a Book's Problems and Needs July 13, 10am-4pm (1
class) REQUIRED for all other classes. $75/$100 non-member

This class focuses on analyzing just what's wrong w/ a book and deciding
just how far the student wants to take its treatment. With an introduction
to basic repair techniques, we'll apply what we're learning to individual
problems and decisions. These treatment decisions will form the basis for
our practice in future workshops. We'll talk about basic tools for
restoration and place any orders we need to. Please bring all of your knives!

Restoration 2 - Dismantling a Binding/Simple Repairs July 20th 10am-4pm (1
class) $75/$100 non-member

The most vital & threatened part of a binding is its spine. Without a
single opening sewing thread gets broken, hinges are torn, & text blocks
fall out of their bindings. Properly lifting a book's spine & removing the
old linings and adhesives allows us to give this crucial area a much-needed

This class will also focus on 2 very simple repair techniques that can
dramatically improve the life of a binding.

Restoration 3 - Mending with Japanese Tissue August 3, 10am-4pm; August 10,
10am-4pm; & August 17, 1:30pm-4pm (3 classes) $200/$225 non-member

Paper mending is a prevalent problem and solution for any restorer. This
course covers the basics in selecting and applying Japanese tissues to a
variety of binding problems. The classes will cover: shoulder
reinforcements, hinging, tears, folds & backing.

Restoration 4 - Endpapers, Inner Hinges, Resewing & Relining August 24,
10am-4pm (1 class) $75/$100 non-member

The endpapers and inner hinges for a book can be an asset or a severe
determinant to its final ability to function safely. This class will
evaluate the qualities of several different endpapers, making models of 4-5
for the student's future reference. In conjunction with our endpaper
choices we'll discuss (w/ demos) resewing & relining our textbook for
optional function.

Restoration 5 - Knife Manufacture and Sharpening September 7, 10am-4pm (1
class) REQUIRED for all further classes $75/$100 non-member

You really can't restore without the proper knives. This class is required
for classes 6, 7, & 8 unless cleared w/ Sally. Blank knives will be
available for purchase at class or students can improve knives they own.
Class will begin with a discussion of all knives and bevels & sharpening
stones. Students will be expected to buy (instructor will obtain) or
provide sharpening stones.

Restoration 6 - Board Lifting & Salvaging the Original Materials September
14, 10am-4pm (1 class) $75/$100 non-member With our text blocks safe we'll
look at reusing the original boards & spines of our restorations. This
class will include lifting outside and inside materials so we can hide our
repair materials (new hinges & new spine), and how to salvage the original
spine. We'll also learn corner repair and replacement.

Restoration 7 - Covering & Laying Down Lifts September 21, 10am-4pm (1
class) $75/$100 non-member

We've done all the hard work. After discussing the merits of leather and
cloth covering we'll walk through the covering process and how to put down
the original lifts. Students please provide your own leather. Restoration 8
- Cosmetics & Plating

September 28 10am-4pm (1 class) $75/$100 non-member

In this class we'll finish of our restoration by replacing the original
spine, touching up worn spots with acrylic painting and plating our book
boards to sink all of our added materials & lifts flush with the cover.
Leather Decorative Techniques - (1 class) still in the works..... Feeling a
little nervous about tooling on your full leather binding? And just what is
an inlay vs. an overlay? And why does everyone do onlays different? Well,
here's a class that will lay out your decorative options for you and let
you practice on a plaquette - French for a leather covered book board
(unattached) to practice designs on. We'll cover 3 types of inlays, 4 types
of onlays, simple blind tooling and blind stamping

The Craft Guild of Dallas
14325 Proton Road
Dallas, TX 75244
972.490.0304 Fax

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