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[BKARTS] Instant wheat paste?

Speaking of wheat paste, does anyone have an opinion on the instant pastes?
We have always used cooked wheat starch paste in our lab.  We make it on
Monday morning, store it under deionized water (not in the refrigerator),
change the water daily, and use it all week.  We recently purchased some
instant wheat paste powder for some workshop kits, and I've been trying it
out so I can better instruct the workshop participants in its use.  I have
to admit that I like it very much.  You can mix up a fresh batch every
morning in about a minute, the texture is very nice, it is easily reversible
in water, and the adhesion is stronger than any cooked paste I've used.  I
had never really considered using instant paste, but I'm wondering now, why
not?  I know there must be reasons - easier is seldom really better - but I
don't know what the reasons are.

One thing might be that this is wheat paste, not wheat starch paste.  Does
that make a difference?  When I called the distributor of the paste that we
bought, I was told that there was no such thing as instant wheat starch
paste.  However, I have seen other instant pastes called starch pastes.  I
confess I'm confused, and would appreciate any information and opinions that
anyone has on the subject.


Sandy Hempe
Missouri State Archives

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