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[BKARTS] Reply to JT

Dear Jack:

In response to your reply (July 3) to my letter (July 2 ), I would be happy
to continue to discuss or dispute the details of these matters with you
privately.  For instance, no, I was not involved in the administration of GBW
after I moved to Canada in 1973 until I became president two years ago.  But
I deplore the use of a public/professional service such as this book list to
resolve personal problems - despite their obvious entertainment value.  Let's
stop bothering people in this public forum!

If you wish to continue this discussion, you may call me or email me
directly.  But my answers may perforce be brief.  I consider you an old
friend and worthy adversary but I am busy.  Sorry, but I really don't see the
point of spending more time on this matter, publicly or privately.


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