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Re: [BKARTS] Handmade 3-Ring Binder

In a message dated 7/15/2002 10:16:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
knharper@FUSE.NET writes:

>  I was told to do a binding similar to a 3-piece case binding,
> but instead of a board for the spine, to use the curved metal piece, backing
> it with kraft paper so it would then be glued to the cloth. It occurs to me
> that making something that will hold up might be fraught with peril, so I'm
> wondering if anyone else out there is familiar with making binders and if
> there are any hints or perhaps instructions available?

Katie, I have had good results using a strip of alkaline folder stock rather
than Kraft paper.  After cutting it to extend about a millimeter beyond the
dimensions of the metal hardware, I dampen it on one side so it obtains a
convex curve, then apply PVA to the other side and adhere it to the back of
the curved metal piece.  Then, I construct a hollow, mostly to allow for the
spine's head and tail turn-ins to be tucked in.  From there on, I proceed as
in a case binding.   Hope this may be helpful.

Nancy Nitzberg

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