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[BKARTS] box-making workshop at the SF Center this weekend

Hey everybody!

This weekend (July 20th & 21st), I'm teaching a
box-making workshop at the San Francisco Center for
the Book, and when I checked in last week, there were
still two openings, so I thought I'd come out of
lurking and do some shameless self - promotion.
The structure we will be learning about is a
clamshell-style box with a drawer. It's a fun
structure  - I've seen many a person "ooo" and "aah"
over it .
More importantly, learning it entails learning several
techniques that you can apply to other box projects,
such as how to build laminated, super-strong walls,
and how to neatly cover odd angles. It's also a good
introduction to the processes involved in designing
your own unique box structures.
We make a prototype and then, if time allows, start
work on a custom version.
I know I won't be teaching this in the fall, so call
up the Center and sign on if you can.

SF Center for the Book: (415) 565-0545

Apologies in advance if the spaces have already been
(I may teach it again in spring, though!)


Kris Langan

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