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[BKARTS] Rivetless ring binders

Here is a URL for a site that sells, IMHO, the best solution for
noncommercial ring binders, rivetless ring binders.  Look for
"RivetLess".  I don't know if they have a minimum order.


I will try to explain the mechanics.  Instead of conventional rivets,
on the bottom side of the hardware is a piece of metal shaped like a
star that points downward.  I believe it has 8 or 10 points.  This
star is attached like a normal rivet to the rings.  It's all one
solid piece, the rings and the stars.

The two metal stars - one at the top and one at bottom - protrude
below the rings such that if one stands the hardware on it's flat
side(bottom) it is supported by the two star bursts.  It doesn't sit
flat on it's bottom.

The covers we have made have been all binder's board.  The spine
needs to be at least .110 calliper, as you'll learn in a moment.

Once the cover has been made and the  spine liner has been laid down
the rings can be attached.  With the rings in place a hammer and
punch are used to hit the rivets - the top portion of the star burst.

This causes the star burst to flare out and dig into the binder's
board.  The star bursts are large(long?) enough that they break
through board thinner than .110.  Actually, if they are hit too hard
they will also punch through .110.

I find this system *much* easier than traditional rivets and it works
with a wide variety of materials and designs.

- Duncan
  "For every action there is an equal and
       opposite government program."

                 ~ Lynne Rossetto Kasper ~

   Duncan   http://www.campbell-logan.com

        Campbell-Logan Bindery, Inc.
              Minneapolis, MN

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