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Re: [BKARTS] Rivetless ring binders

Thanks for the explanation of this product.  It would be difficult to
understand without your description.  I did find that this page
http://www.bensonsusa.com/catalog/rivetless.htm  shows a more detailed view
of the product and the 'star' attachment mechanism.  Also, I've e-mailed the
company to ask for pricing and minimum order amount
Thanks for taking the time to share your information -- isn't the internet
Best Regards,
Bette Abdu in NH
P.S. Great quote on your message -- who was/is Lynne Rossetto Kasper?

on 7/17/02 9:04 PM, Duncan at abookbinder@MAC.COM wrote:

> Here is a URL for a site that sells, IMHO, the best solution for
> noncommercial ring binders, rivetless ring binders.  Look for
> "RivetLess".  I don't know if they have a minimum order.
> http://www.bensonsusa.com/products.html
> I will try to explain the mechanics.  Instead of conventional rivets,
> on the bottom side of the hardware is a piece of metal shaped like a
> star that points downward.  I believe it has 8 or 10 points.  This
> star is attached like a normal rivet to the rings.  It's all one
> solid piece, the rings and the stars.
> The two metal stars - one at the top and one at bottom - protrude
> below the rings such that if one stands the hardware on it's flat
> side(bottom) it is supported by the two star bursts.  It doesn't sit
> flat on it's bottom.
> The covers we have made have been all binder's board.  The spine
> needs to be at least .110 calliper, as you'll learn in a moment.
> Once the cover has been made and the  spine liner has been laid down
> the rings can be attached.  With the rings in place a hammer and
> punch are used to hit the rivets - the top portion of the star burst.
> This causes the star burst to flare out and dig into the binder's
> board.  The star bursts are large(long?) enough that they break
> through board thinner than .110.  Actually, if they are hit too hard
> they will also punch through .110.
> I find this system *much* easier than traditional rivets and it works
> with a wide variety of materials and designs.
> - Duncan
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>      opposite government program."
>                ~ Lynne Rossetto Kasper ~
>  Duncan   http://www.campbell-logan.com
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