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[BKARTS] Filthy lucre, literary bookworks

I need a little help locating examples and opinions for:

[1] Literary bookworks

I have in mind here bookart projects with strong literary characteristics --
well-written text, basically conventional layout, simple, classic bindings.
The emphasis is on the text, although illustrations are important, and the
overall effect is a book that looks as if it could be sold in a book store,
or found in a library. The entire production is the work of a single/artist
author (although it may include elements by others, such as photographers
and illustrators, if appropriate to the basic concept).

"Minsky in Bed" comes close, but the bindings are too intense, though
beautiful and comical. Think of "Minsky in Bed" perfect-bound, or in what
looks like a very sophisticated library binding and I think you will get my
drift. We're looking at a book that even a cockroach would recognize and
want to read, not something that that would be part of an installation.

[2] Filthy lucre

If bookworks (I love that term) such as this exist, what's their market
value range? Are there any outstanding cases of enormous appreciation in the
value of individual works. What are the main factors that determine the
price, leaving prestige and other intangibles aside?

Some ideas:

--Personally made in every detail by author, including printing and binding

--Single copies vs. editions (considering size of edition, too).

--Printing and/or binding carried out by second parties. That is, designed
and set in type by author, but printed from his/her digital files on any of
the following

        _Silk screen
        _Color laser printer in copy shop
        _B&W laser printer in copy shop
        _Inkjet in copy shop

Anything else that you can think of that will help me write a critical

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501 Cancun Q. Roo Mexico

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