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Re: [BKARTS] Books in sheets

>Any information (not just on books about books, but books on any topic)
>about works available in sheets would be greatly appreciated!

* * * * *

The University of Iowa Center for the Book has a nice book by Barry Moser
available in sheets: "No Shortcuts: An Essay on Wood Engraving." I've got a
copy here to bind. They're at <http://www.uiowa.edu/~ctrbook>.

And here at Red Wagon Bookworks, we always have a few editions available in
sheets. Currently:

         "Faded and Flown" by Bailey White. Three previously unpublished
stories from the NPR humorist, with woodcuts by Mary Azarian. $35.

         "A Whole Nother Kettle of Fish" found among the papers of R.
Chambers and edited by John Cutrone. Small collection of fish tales: The
Book Fish, Saint Anthony Preaching to the Fishes, Showers of Animals, and
Strange Fish Taken from the Sea. $35.

         "Sturgeon Moon" by John Cutrone. Miniature with pop-up. $25.

Others, perhaps, by request. The Red Wagon website holds book details and
order information.

John Cutrone
Red Wagon Bookworks

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