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Re: [BKARTS] Books in Sheets

>My question is this: how does my selling sheets relate to the edition of the
>book with myself as artist? As a book artist, I usually do everything on the
>book myself, from concept to binding. But if I sell printed sheets and
>someone else does the binding, this would not be a part of that original
>edition, yes?

Uhh, no, I don't think so. At Red Wagon Bookworks, the books that go out in
sheets to other binders are still considered part of the edition. They get
numbered just the same as the others do. If it's a sticking point for you,
you might want to add something to your colophon, say... "A portion of the
edition reserved in sheets" or something to that effect. This should be
enough of a tip to collectors that there may be other bindings out there.

John Cutrone
The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection
Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library
Boca Raton, Florida

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