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[BKARTS] Baltimore area group?

To Alex, Rebecca and the group:

I too am very interested in joining or forming a group for the book arts in the Baltimore area. I am new to the world of book arts too, and would love to form a casual group.

-Suzanne Hill
Reisterstown MD

>Date:    Thu, 18 Jul 2002 01:40:04 -0700
>From:    Rebecca Everett <crysalis@ADELPHIA.NET>
>Subject: Re: Gathering: Baltimore area Book Arts
>Helllo, Alex, and fellow Foliophiles~
>I too would be very interested in a gathering here in the Baltimore
>Metro area, or even in the Hanover/York'Gettysburg, PA areas.  I am also>new to the wonderful sorld of Book Arts.  I am presently in the midst of>building a studio/workshop home for my Civil War era Charles Brand>etching press, my Dickerson Combo Litho/etching press, and my newest>acquisition (!) my C&P oldstyle Letterpress.  Can hardly wait to get the>infant Magnolia Houe Press up and toddling.
>Rebecca Everett

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