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Re: [BKARTS] Rivetless ring binders

Hello Julie and all,
Since I didn't receive a response on my e-mail I called Benson USA today.
They will sell directly but only in full case lots.  As an example the
Rivetless 3 Ring with a 1" capacity comes in a case of 200 at $.21 each plus
shipping.  They require prepayment by check (no credit cards) including
shipping (if you don't have a UPS account to charge to)

Unless a group could decide on a particular size and style to purchase a
carton together I don't think it would be practical.  I asked the person I
spoke to for ideas on purchasing smaller quantities but she didn't have any
ideas. The folks they sell to are making binders for resale -- although I
didn't ask, I don't think she would reveal any customers of the rivetless
product to contact.

Maybe there a member of this group that would purchase a case and offer the
'excess' on an e-bay auction or some such venue.  I've sort of lost track of
who started this conversation -- hope they are still tuned in.
Best Regards,

on 7/18/02 9:09 AM, Julie Sullivan at julie3@AIRMAIL.NET wrote:

> Bette - Would you mind sharing the information you discover from
> Benson? I would be interested and I might imagine others on the list
> would be too, and we can all save the folks at Benson from answering
> the same questions multiple times. Thanks!
>> Duncan,
>> Thanks for the explanation of this product.  It would be difficult to
>> understand without your description.  I did find that this page
>> http://www.bensonsusa.com/catalog/rivetless.htm  shows a more detailed view
>> of the product and the 'star' attachment mechanism.  Also, I've e-mailed the
>> company to ask for pricing and minimum order amount
>> Thanks for taking the time to share your information -- isn't the internet
>> amazing?
>> Best Regards,
>> Bette Abdu in NH
>> P.S. Great quote on your message -- who was/is Lynne Rossetto Kasper?
> Julie Sullivan

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