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Re: [BKARTS] Books in sheets

Most of the books we produce are also available in sheets. Indeed, the one we
did about a bookshop/bindery was deliberately so, to encourage people to get
the book bound in that particular bindery.

Doesn't matter whether full-size or miniature - they still all get printed on
sheets, after all. I imagine most Private Presses would be happy to supply
unbound sheets, though some might need advance notice.

Mind you, some of our recent miniatures have a complex page construction that
makes it a bit unrealistic to supply in sheets, as one needs a detailed
instruction on how to assemble the sheets. And a miniature Specimen Book we
hope to print before the MBS conclave is formed from a single sheet, 16 pages
on each side. Being a single section book, there will not be much scope for
binding, because there isn't really a spine. But it will be available as the
single sheet, if required.

David Bolton
The Alembic Press, Oxford, UK

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